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Healthy Eating For Spring Chickens!

Stay a healthy Spring Chicken with our 4 week Mediterranean Diet Plan.

We believe that eating well and staying active are the cornerstones of good health.

So what are the key tips of a healthy diet as you get older?

Research shows that following a Mediterranean style diet can really help. Below you will find a 4 week plan we have devised with nutritionist Naomi Mead based on the Mediterranean diet.

Eat a variety of foods from the main food groups to ensure your diet contains as many different nutrients as possible.

A balanced diet means lots of fruits and vegetables; up to 50% of your plate at every mealtime, and enough starchy foods for energy (grainy or brown carbohydrate foods are particularly healthy).

It also means having some calcium-rich foods such as dairy foods (or calcium-fortified soya products) and protein foods, such as meat, fish, eggs or vegetarian protein foods such as lentils/beans or meat substitute products.

A balanced diet does not mean all of these food groups at every meal, rather all of these over most days.

Healthy Eating For Spring Chickens!

Staying well hydrated is a fundamental part of any good diet. Our thirst sensations start to diminish with age, meaning that we don’t always register we are thirsty until having reached a significant level of dehydration.

Regularly sipping on water throughout the day is important.

Even a cup of tea – but easy on the sugar, counts towards your water intake.

Try not to skip meals. It is a good idea to have breakfast, and if appetite is low, to have light snack meals later in the day (rather than eating late at night and then not being able to face morning food).

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