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Back to nature: 7 natural anti-ageing products

Preserving your skin from the natural effects of aging can cost a fortune, with products promising miracles that can fail to deliver. Products from Mother Nature can give these man-made products a run for their money and are cheap and easy to use. There are a few natural anti-ageing products and here are our top 7.

1. Apply the papaya

Thanks to its high content of carotene, vitamin C, essential minerals and the enzyme papain, papaya is a natural exfoliant and moisturiser. Used regularly it can even help lighten the skin, minimising the appearance of age spots. Papaya also opens pores, leaving skin feeling soft and with a healthy glow.

Papaya also opens pores, leaving skin feeling soft and with a healthy glow.

Papaya is easy to apply. Simply peel a strip off of the papaya’s outer layer using a paring knife. Then in a swiping motion apply it directly to your face. Because you’re only using the outer layer, you can also eat the remainder for a tasty boost of fibre, potassium and vitamins A and C.

2. Massage with sesame oil

First thing every morning, massage sesame oil over your body. Working it in gets the blood circulating. Plus, the oil hydrates the skin, giving it a healthy glow. Then shower—the oil naturally cleans away dead skin cells.

3. Avocado: one-stop nutrient shop

Avocados are nature’s version of a ‘one-stop nutrient shop’. They are packed full of vitamins A, B, D, and E. They are richer in potassium than a banana and contain healthy fats, making them a perfect, natural moisturiser. They can also help minimise signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines.

The natural oils in avocado even remove dirt and are a natural treatment option for eczema, red spots, and sensitive skin.

To create an avocado face mask pit a ripe avocado, scoop the flesh into a bowl and mash with a fork. Gently pat the avocado onto your face, and leave it on for about 10 minutes. To remove, gently smooth off with a cool damp cloth. For additional moisturising, add a splash of milk, or a one-fourth teaspoon of honey to the mask.

4. Keep it sweet

In the shower, lather your hands with a mild cleanser, then add a handful of white sugar, and slather it all over your face and body. This natural exfoliator will help to smooth your skin.

5. Cleansing with honey

This wonder-food is packed with skin-revitalising antioxidants. Honey also contains anti-bacterial properties. This makes it a gentle, affordable every-day cleanser.

To apply to the skin simply add a little warm water to honey to make it easier to smooth on. Wear a headband to ensure the honey doesn’t pass your hairline. Slather on to cleanse and gently rinse off.

6. Consider taking fish oil supplements

Fish oil supplements are excellent anti-agers. From improving heart and immune functions to helping hair grow and skin look supple, omega-3 fish oil can be helpful. But always seek advice from your pharmacist or GP before taking this supplement as it may interfere with some medications.

7. Fruit: the natural tooth cleanser

Snack on anything with malic acid—like strawberries, apples, and grapes, these fruits act as a natural tooth cleanser and help break down stains.

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