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Happylegs exercise device

Invented by Angus Long, Happylegs is an award-winning exercise device that provides gentle and consistent, vibration free, exercise for people who spend a lot of time sitting down or require assistance for walking.

Angus Long said “that poor blood circulation, as a result of illness, disability or a sedentary lifestyle is a major contributory factor to conditions such as swollen ankles, vascular ulcers, diabetic neuropathy, joint and muscular problems, thrombosis and arthritis.

These conditions are widespread among the elderly and disabled people of the UK.

There is a rising problem of young people suffering from poor blood circulation as a result of a sedentary lifestyle – often referred to as the desk-jockey syndrome.”


“Frail and infirm people who need to improve their blood circulation through exercise, physically find it extremely difficult to do, if at all. It’s an unpleasant and costly catch 22 with a limited choice of devices and solutions available. While there are a few foot rockers and mini-cycle machines on the market the problem with these is they require the user to physically operate them and in practice a great many simply find it too difficult or don’t persevere and quickly cease using them altogether. The electrical stimulator, T.E.N.S type, devices have numerous restrictions on their use and many people find the idea of zapping their legs with electricity unnerving or uncomfortable to endure.”

The Happylegs at Spring Chicken

Angus says that he felt this opened up an opportunity for a suitable product or device that addresses this issue and began to research a solution. “There is a gap in the market for a device that can stimulate blood circulation through exercising the lower limbs of the disabled and immobile comfortably and easily with little effort. I believe the HappyLegs machine fills that gap perfectly.”

How does it work?


The device is a patented passive exercise device which functions using the same principles as walking.

It alternatively moves your legs and gently massages your feet while you remain seated stimulating the muscles and sole sponge to help improve your blood circulation.

The movement is gentle, consistent and vibration free and the movements are precise, continuous and comfortable and it isn’t aggressive to ankle and knee joints.

There is a natural physical movement to stimulate blood flow and there are no side effects or restrictions or limitations on its use. With a quick setup time, it is very easy to use. Many users leave it by their armchair, put on the TV, radio or get a good book, then sit back, relax and let the machine take them for a walk. It really is that simple and because the machine is doing the work it does not require any concentration or physical effort.

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