Rise of the Japanese Loo

A Look into the future of the high-tech toilet.

We all use them but seldom like to talk about them, the toilet was originally invented in 1956 and we’ve been flushing ever since!

The typical flush toilet with ceramic bowl is something we’ve all come to recognise and use on a daily basis. Visit Japan however and you may be perplexed when stepping into a cubicle presented with a “Washlet”, a high-tech super toilet that features a wireless control panel that has a vast array of buttons and flashing lights (that may even welcome you!).

The age of the high-tech toilet started in 1980 & are now in more than half of Japanese households. While the toilet may look similar at a glance to the standard design the “Washlet” offers numerous additional features.

Seat heating, automatic flushing, customisable massage options and an integrated bidet are just a few of the basic features included and they have kept progressing ever since.

One of the latest models “The Neorest” has been classed as one of the most advanced toilets worldwide, a truly high-tech toilet for tomorrows world.

The Toto Neorest

The wall mounted toilet features hands-free operation with a highly efficient tornado dual flush system. The lid automatically opens and closes with an adjustable heated seat to match the desired temperature. An automatic air purifying system keeps things fresh and a rather ingenious eWater function mists the bowl with electrolyzed water reducing the need for cleaning chemicals.

Finished off in a smart cotton glaze the Neorest will set you back just over £11,000.

Medical sensors have recently been installed into these toilets which measure blood pressure, body fat and blood sugar based on the urine.

That’s not all however as future potential developments include voice operated toilets that understand verbal commands!

Japan have recently announced that standardised icons will be labelled on Japanese Washlets to help tourists who may not be familiar with this super breed of high tech toiletry.

Take a seat as Washlets could be a future addition to every bathroom.

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