Memory Lane: Motorbikes and Sidecars

Did your dad own a motorbike? Was it a Thunderbird, a BSA Rocket or a Sunbeam? Were you ever lucky enough to get a ride in the sidecar?

For many members of the Spring Chicken community, a motorbike with a sidecar was the main choice of transport for days out in the summer.


Followers of our Facebook group have been sharing their memories:

‘An old colleague used to give me a lift every night after work. He would insist I travel in the sidecar – it was the scariest time of every day!’

‘My dad had one and we went everywhere in it. I loved it. I even ended up riding motorbikes myself… Got my full bike license before my car one.’

‘My dad built his own and him and my mum used to take all of us kids out every Sunday! He was in engineering and he used to work on airplanes during the war, so it was a belter.’

‘My grandad had one and took me to the coast in it when I was 6. I’ve never forgotten the experience.’

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Can you remember the cramped space and uncomfortable seats?

With Dad on the bike and the family in the sidecar, this mode of travel provided hours of fun throughout the 60s; great adventures and great days.

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