Public Transport: Can I bring my mobility aid?

For users on the go, lightweight folding electric wheelchairs and auto-folding mobility scooters are the perfect solution.

Before you travel by train or bus, there are a few regulations to consider.


Bringing your wheelchair on a train:

Most trains and buses can accommodate wheelchairs that are within the dimensions prescribed by government regulations.

These dimensions are: 700mm wide x 1200mm long. The mobility aid must be no taller than 1350mm in height from the floor to the top of the user’s head.

There are also weight restrictions to take into account when travelling by train. These limits account for the combined weight of a person and their wheelchair. Ultimately, the restrictions vary, depending on the capabilities of the staff member. The stated maximum safe working load of a ramp is between 230kg and 300kg.


Bringing your scooter on a train:

Whether or not your scooter will be allowed on the train depends on the operator. This is due to the varying carriage designs.

Before bringing your scooter on the train you should:

  • Contact the train company for details of their policy.
  • Make sure you check for each part of your journey if you are changing trains.
  • Consider the scooter’s weight and its climbing capability with the ramps.
  • Consider your scooter’s turning circle: you will need to manoeuvre it within the carriage and position it in the wheelchair space.


Bringing your wheelchair or scooter on a bus:

On buses, there is at least one space available for a wheelchair or mobility scooter user – or a parent with a buggy.

This space is generally 1300mm long, 750mm wide and has a headroom space of 1500mm. For buses in London, this space is usually 1200mm long and 700mm wide.

On low-floor buses, you can travel on a small mobility scooter, providing that your local bus company is running a scooter permit scheme.

Your scooter must be a Class 2 type, and fall within these limits: 1000mm length, 600mm width, 1200mm turning radius and 300kg weight (including user).




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