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Online GP Services

The doctor will see you now, is something we’ve all become accustom to hearing whether we feel unwell or need specialist advice.

The average waiting time for a routine appointment is now 13 days due to rising demand, retiring staff, and a shortage of people wanting to train as a GP. It’s a scary statistic which could possibly increase in the coming years.

A study found that 11% of the UK population resorted to searching the internet to diagnose health issues when unable to see their doctor. Furthermore 62% of respondents had used a smartphone or computer for services including ordering prescriptions, accessing medical records and even Skype-style video appointments with a doctor.

Online doctor consultation services such as Push Doctor were created due to increasing demands, just one of the many we now have available. With over 7,000 registered GPs, Push Doctor allows patients to connect with a GP via a secure online video consultation enabling them to explain any symptoms they are experiencing. This consultation means the patient can be referred or issued with a prescription.

The 13 day wait is can be reduced to as little as 10 minutes.

Apps such as Push Doctor are already allowing people to have more knowledge and a more active role in their own healthcare.

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What could Tomorrows World look like for Online GP Services.

The future of Online GP Services could mean that your relationship with your doctor will be more cooperative, the App of tomorrows world would mean it saves you and your GP time but more importantly reduced pain and suffering.

Patient safety would also benefit by drastically reducing paperwork, reminding patients when to take their medication, monitoring side effects and transmitting data to their providers.

Patient monitoring is essential for chronic diseases, an alert from the App would be sent to the GP to warn them of any emergency medical situations occurring providing the patients GPS location for instant support.

Researchers believe that mobile phone attachments will also become a must-have addition. Ingenious and convenient these attachments would act as a portable monitor for bloods, that could be potentially lifesaving.

Recently unveiled was the HIV-reading smartphone dongle, this compact device not only give readings in 15 minutes but is inexpensive. Promising developments like this have made medical apps remarkably popular.

The possibilities are endless and there’s no stopping the surge of healthcare Apps as they are empowering users with faster care.

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