Ultimate Creative Bundle

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In this fun packed ultimate creative bundle you'll receive a randomly selected copy of Creative Colour, Creative Dot-to-Dot, Compact Creative Colour & Creative Pastimes. A perfect gift for avid colouring book fans or simply if you are looking to relax in your free time with the world of colouring.

The Creative Colour magazine features over 20 eye-catching designs with original artwork. It won't be long until you are engrossed in colouring.

The Creative Dot-To-Dot magazine features an entertaining collection of dot-to-dots some with more than 400 dots! Whilst joining the dots in numerical order you may gradually start to recognise the image, all that's needed is a pencil and some spare time!

  • Featuring four creative books
  • Creative Colour
  • Creative Dot-To-Dot
  • Compact Creative Colour
  • Creative Pastimes
  • High quality paper

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