Tab Time super 8

SKU: 102233XX


The Tabtime super 8 is a 'set it & forget it' device which remembers your alarm times every day but can be easily changed at any time. With a countdown timer for regular or timed interval doses. The countdown timer cannot be used in conjunction with the variable timer, Includes an easy-open magnetic catch. Choice of hi/lo volumes (60 & 75 dB) for those who may be hard of hearing. Can be easily programmed with 3 extra large control buttons. Generously proportioned easy read screen with clear display. 3 bar battery power indicator easy access & trouble free battery change

Size: 11 x 6 x 3 cm

  • Up to 8 daily alarms at whatever times you require
  • 8 tablet compartments numbered 1-8
  • Flashing red LED on the lid that starts to flash at the same time as the alarm buzzes and continues to flash until the case is opened to show you may have missed your last dose.
  • Integral key trigger switch cancels all alarms when you open the case

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