"Magiplug" Water Level Alert -Bathroom

SKU: 100105XX


These specially designed plugs help prevent floods from taps left accidentally running. They have a pressure detection gauge built in which releases water from the bath or basin when the water level gets too high. When a safe level of water is reached the pressure pad closes.The heat sensitive pad helps prevent burns by changing colour if the water gets too hot.

  • Pressure release mechanism (pressure plate opens when level is too high, closes when water is at the correct level)
  • Heat sensitive pad changes colour when temperature reaches 36å¡C (96.8å¡F)
  • Easy attachment to existing plug chain
  • Weight of product: 71g (2.5oz)
  • Pad changes colour between 32 -41å¡C (89.6å¡F - 105.8å¡F)
  • Suitable for baths more than 38cm (15") deep
  • Suitable for kitchen sinks more than 16.5cm (6.5") deep
  • Suitable for bathroom basins more than 12.5cm (5") deep

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