Leg Up Leg Lifter Standard - Black - VAT Relief

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Sometimes it's not so easy just to "put your feet up". Elevation helps with a number of medical conditions, but the action raising your leg up onto an elevated surface from a bed or a chair can be hard work. The Leg Up Leg Lifter hooks around your leg and gives you a loop to help you lift your limb, so there's no need to tug at your trouser leg or rely on your own strength alone to move into position.

  • Available in yellow or black
  • Size: 65cm (26")
  • Helps lift your legs to improve blood supply
  • Comfortable, wide padded handle can be used with one or both hands, in the hand or on the wrist
  • Bottom loop has a wide opening so it's easier to get your foot in, especially if you are wearing a cast

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