Doorline - Neatedge Rubber Threshold Ramps


Height: 1.5cm
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The Doorline-Neatedge ramps are a great solution if you’re searching for something strong and versatile. This range can be specially made to a variety of heights and widths, so they can be used in a huge number of places.

The chamfered edges also allow easy access from any angle, and the soft surface makes this ramp ideal for use in schools or care/nursing homes. They’re even suitable for showers or wet rooms.

Code/height/length/width/chamfered edges?

DN15- 9 1.5cm (0.6ins) 12cm (4.5ins) 90cm (35ins) Y

DN25-9 2.5cm (1ins) 20cm (8ins) 90cm (35ins) Y

DN50-9 5cm (2ins) 40cm (16ins) 90cm (35ins) Y

DN75-9 7.5cm (3ins) 60cm (24ins) 90cm (35ins) Y

DN2 2.2cm (0.9ins) 20cm (8ins) 107cm (42ins) Y

DN3 3.2cm (1.3ins) 31cm (12ins) 107cm (42ins) Y

DN4 4.5cm (1.8ins) 46cm (18ins) 127cm (50ins) Y

DN5 5.1cm (2.0ins) 53cm (21ins) 152cm (60ins) Y

DN6 5.7cm (2.3ins) 76cm (30ins) 76cm (30ins) N

Capacity 500kg (79st). Can be trimmed or cut to size as required.

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