Doorline - Bridge Threshold Ramps - VAT Relief


Height: 4cm
inc VAT.
exc VAT.

These ramps allow you to bridge over almost any threshold. You can choose from 4 sizes so that struggling with awkward thresholds is a thing of the past. Plus, they have an excellent grip surface, they’re lightweight and they’re simple to use.

You’ll enjoy years of use with the Doorline-Bridge threshold ramps. They’re finished to prevent stains and corrosion, and the rubber strips prevent slipping while protecting your floors.


DB4 4cm (1.6ins) 56cm (22ins) 300kg (47st) 3.3kg (7lbs)

DB6 6cm (2.4ins) 60cm(23ins) 300kg (47st) 4kg (9lbs)

DB8 8cm (3.1ins) 81cm (32ins) 300kg (47st) 6.8kg (15lbs)

DB10 10cm (3.9ins) 100cm (39ins) 300kg (47st) 8.5kg (19lbs)

Width 70cm (28ins) *Capacity assumes ramp rests on threshold

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