Call to mind conversation game

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Spark memories and start a conversation. This board game has been designed to help anyone with dementia to connect with and to recall positive personal memories. Through re-kindling memories and inspiring conversations, this game makes it easier for those living with dementia to enjoy quality time with family, friends and carers across all generations.

Simply spin the spinner and choose one of four colour coded cards, matching an image and answering a question. Two to four players can easily sit around the board together and it is not necessary for the full game to be played in order to enjoy or benefit from it. The question cards, alone, can be used to stimulate conversations across a range of topics and so make communication easier.

Often, questions are about things that an older person might not have discussed for a while, such as a holiday they particularly enjoyed or where they grew up. This can prompt distinct memories. As well as stimulating the mind, playing the game also exercises the senses, hand movement and speech.

  • World's first dementia board game
  • Spark conversation and connect with your loved ones
  • For 2-4 players
  • Suitable for all generations
  • No 'right' or 'wrong' answers so there is no pressure

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