C-Air Pressure Care Riser Recliner Chair - 000555 - VAT Relief

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SKU: 503332XX-000555

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This product is brand new and was ordered for a customer that never took receipt of it due to unforeseen circumstances. It has never been used/sat in. Picture available on request as it is currently packaged.

Mechanism: Dual tilt-in-space
Size: Medium
Seat height: 18"
Seat width: 22"
Seat depth: 18"
Back height: 28"
Arm height: 7"
Fabric: Cadet 899 Sepid with VP dartex inner in beige
Cushion: Celliform - Gelacell (20 stone weight limit)
Back type: Removable waterfall
Foot type: Glides
Knuckes: Medium wood
Loop and pocket: Right hand side

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