Around the World 4x Travel bag set

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It’s great to get away, visiting family, a city break or even a cruise, but a suitcase can quickly get muddled and clean and dirty clothes mixed up. This set of 4 fabric travel bags is the solution to suitcase organisation heaven! There are 4 bags and a small pouch that they all fit back into when you are back home. The biggest bag is for clothes, then 2 x shoe bags then a neat bag for personal items such as tech, leads, chargers – anything you need to keep safely together. The fun ‘round the world’ print will brighten your day and may inspire your next trip! Clothes bag size 56 x 41cm, shoe bags 38 x 20cm, personal items bag 35.5 x 28.5cm. Storage pouch 10 x 10cm. Material 100% polyester

  • Pack of 4 fabric travel bags
  • Small storage pouch included
  • Includes 1 x bag for clothes, 2 x shoe bags, 1 x bag for tech
  • Dimensions: Clothes bag 56 x 41cm, Shoe bags: 38 x 20cm, Tech bag: 35.5 x 28.5cm
  • Storage pouch dimensions: 10 x 10cm
  • Material 100% Polyester

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