Anti-Spill Mug - Black

SKU: 10290101


There is a hidden silicone base to this mug that makes it difficult to tip over if knocked by accident. If you hit it sideways it will not move, however when you lift it straight up by the handle the suction is broken and it lifts easily. The inside is stainless steel with double walled insulation. It comes with a lid that fits with a silicone seal which further reduces the risk of spills. Great to have by a computer to keep your tea hot and prevent spills.

  • Reduces the risk of spills
  • Silicone base provides suction
  • Easy to lift up
  • Stainless Steel interior
  • Double walled insulation
  • Comes with a lid for extra spill protection
  • Capacity 14oz (450ml)
  • Height 14cm.

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