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Length: 120cm
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This kit is the solution to overcoming thresholds. It’s versatile and quick to use, and it’s portable for easy storage. The Aerolight-Up&Over provides everything you need for access up to and over the threshold of your home.

Code Includes External Ramp Length Capacity

UO12 1 x DM5, 1 x AX12 120cm (4ft) 300kg (47st)

UO15 1 x DM5, 1 x AX15 150cm (5ft) 300kg (47st)

UO18 1 x DM5, 1 x AX18 180cm (6ft) 300kg (47st)

UO21 1 x DM5, 1 x AX21 210cm (7ft) 300kg (47st)

UO24 1 x DM5, 1 x AX24 240cm (8ft) 250kg (39st)

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