Aerolight - Extra Lightweight Full - Width Folding Ramps


Length: 60cm
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These lightweight folding ramps are great for wheelchairs, rollators and scooters. They’re easy to walk on, with a full-width grip surface and a weight capacity of up to 450kg.

Plus, they’re available with different folding methods and custom sizes to best suit your needs. The tapered lip shape allows these ramps to fit into narrow doorways, and the lip is reflective for safety in case there’s not a lot of light.

  • Modern style
  • Folds and clips together for convenient storage
  • Different folding methods available
  • Tapered lip shape for narrow doorways
  • Reflective lip feature

AX6 60cm (2ft) 450kg (71st) 4.7kg (10lbs)

AX9 90cm (3ft) 450kg (71st) 6.5kg (14lbs)

AX12 120cm (4ft) 400kg (63st) 8.3kg (18lbs)

AX15 150cm (5ft) 350kg (55st) 10.1kg (22lbs)

AX18 180cm (6ft) 350kg (55st) 11.9kg (26lbs)

AX21 210cm (7ft) 300kg (47st) 13.7kg (30lbs)

AX24 240cm (8ft) 250kg (39st) 15.5kg (34lbs)

Ramp width (excluding handles) 76cm (30ins). Lip width 71.4cm (28.1ins).

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