Who can Claim VAT Relief?


Many items that we sell at Spring Chicken are VAT exempt for people who have a disability or chronic or terminal illness. Charities can also claim VAT relief.


What items are eligible for VAT relief?


Equipment that has been designed solely for people with a disability, chronic or terminal illness or the adaptation of equipment so they can use it, can be VAT exempt.

We work within government guidelines to assess if a product is VAT exempt. If a product is eligible for VAT relief you will be able to see this by the logo on the product page.

Please be aware that VAT relief cannot be claimed for temporary disabilities (like a broken bone) or for an able-bodied person (even if they are quite frail).


What’s required


If you are eligible for VAT relief you must tell a member of our team on the phone. They will talk you through the process and then ask you for several details, including the nature of your disability / chronic illness. If you are happy to proceed, a date and time stamp will be attached to your order and all information retained for tax purposes.

If ordering online you will need to tick the box "stating you qualify for VAT Relief" and add the details to the text field beneath.

When ordering from our catalogue you will need to sign and complete the VAT declaration at the bottom of the order form.

We do not require proof of your disability but you need to remember that it is an offence to claim falsely that you or someone you are buying for is eligible for VAT Relief under the guidelines.


What we do with your VAT Information


We have a legal duty to store these. However, we do not pass the details to anyone except HMRC, as it forms part of our VAT obligation.


What to do now?


If after reading this guide you are still unsure if you or the person you are buying for qualifies for VAT relief then please read the HMRC guide here (http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/vat/sectors/consumers/disabled.htm) or email us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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