Seating assessments during Coronavirus

We are aware this is a difficult time for many but we are working together to continue providing specialist support and clinical assessment to those that need them. Our team of Occupational Therapist’s are now completing virtual assessments for our healthcare chairs.

Preparation for the appointment

You will need to ensure you have a good internet connection. The client will need to be sitting in a chair for the appointment, if this is not possible then please call customer services. A person other than the client would be beneficial to have at the appointment to help. A measuring tape is required to ensure the correct sized chair can be recommended. We will guide you through the measuring process on the video. All information is confidential and GDPR protected. We will advise following the assessment if we feel a face to face assessment is required based on the information gained from the virtual assessment. We reserve the right to decline the provision of a chair if we do not feel it is suitable for the client’s needs

How will I get an appointment?

Your appointment date and time will be confirmed over the phone or via email. Depending on your preference the virtual assessment will be carried out via or facetime if you have an Apple product and depending on your preference.

What happens during the appointment?

The appointment will take around 30 minutes depending on complexity. Initially your therapist may run through some pre-assessment questions to clarify answers and make ask some additional questions to obtain a good background of information. Your therapist will then ask to look at the environment the chair will be situated as well as any other rooms it will be used in. The therapist may then ask to look in more detail at the client’s posture if required, it is important to have the second person present to help facilitate this. The therapist will ask for measurements to be taken, this will include but may not be limited to; hip width, lower leg length and upper leg length. Guidance will be provided when completing all measurements. Your therapist will discuss recommended options with you and answer any questions you may have from the assessment.

What happens following the appointment?

Recommendations will be consolidated in an email which will be sent to the client. If you require a further discussion about the recommendations, I follow up call will be scheduled If you wish to purchase a chair recommended from the assessment our customer service team will guide you through this process.

Handover of the chair

The chair will be delivered and set up within the home, please ensure you vacate the room/space when the chair is delivered A virtual handover appointment will be set up following the delivery of the chair, this will aim to be on the same day as close to the delivery time as possible

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