Service Delivery


  1. We deliver the electric wheelchair to your house
  2. Our specialist team set the chair up and demonstrate
  3. We remove all packaging

Serviced Delivery is the simplest way to get your new electric wheelchair setup, with minimum fuss.

At Spring Chicken our customers are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we offer Serviced Delivery. By opting for Serviced Delivery, we will personally deliver your new electric wheelchair and a member of our fully-trained team will carefully unbox it, before setting it up to your specification. Once set up, our specialist will perform a full test to check all elements are working and functioning correctly, before showing you how to operate it and a demonstration of all the features, such as charging or showing how to fold. Only once you are happy will our team remove all boxes, pallets and packaging, and sign-off your new electric wheelchair.

Serviced Delivery is a great way to give you peace of mind that your new electric wheelchair has been set up correctly and to your specification.

The Proccess:

  • Carefully unbox your new electric wheelchair
  • Set it up to your specification
  • Give it a full test to check all elements are working and functioning
  • Show you how to operate your new electric wheelchair
  • Demonstrate other features, such as charging or a folding mechanism
  • Remove all packaging, such as big boxes and pallets from your home
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