Joy Rider Folding Electric Wheelchair – Review

The Joy Rider just arrived at Spring Chicken and we’ve all been trying it out around our office building. There are some features that make it the winner for a particular kind of user.

  1. It looks good. It has a modern minimalist design
  2. It’s light. 20kg without the battery (and only 21.6kg with it!). That makes it exceptionally light compared to other chairs on the market. When it’s folded down it isn’t too cumbersome to manoeuvre – it stays folded so you can drag it on its anti-tip wheels.
  3. It folds flat (a bit like a deck-chair). That means you can get it into the boot or back seat of most cars. It’s long and flat folded rather than short and square.
  4. It’s got a very small turning radius – what this means in practice is that you can get it around corners and through doorways more easily than many of its competitors.
  5. It has a joystick to control it. You can set the speed and also adjust the sensitivity. Even if you haven’t used a joystick before (if you’ve never been a big gamer) it’s very intuitive and you can have the control on either the left or right arm of the chair.
  6. There are two ways to charge it- either plugging in the chair underneath the joystick controller or taking out the battery (which comes out very easily) and plugging that in. This means if you leave the chair in the car boot you can charge the battery in the house. If you take the Joyrider on a plane, you can take the battery in hand luggage – it comes with a flight safe certificate. We also recommend carrying the joystick, which quickly releases from the chair, in your hand luggage to make sure it doesn’t get damaged in transit.
  7. Getting into the chair is easy if you’re able to stand – there’s a swing footrest which moves backwards, this means you can back up very close to the chair and easily put your weight on the arms to sit down, then you can simply lift your legs and place them in the footrest when it swings forward. If you have not got use of your legs, however, this doesn’t give enough support and your feet may slip off. Transferring to the chair if you can’t stand is more complicated, if you require the armrest to swing up for a side transfer using a sheet or board. The armrests are relatively low and do provide good leverage to lean on if you transfer forward instead of across.
  8. The height of the arms and seat mean that you can comfortably sit at most tables in the chair (we’re thinking in most restaurants you can stay in your chair and pull it up to the table)
  9. The chair will go up to 9 miles with a fully charged battery. It has 2x200w brushless motors that can go up to 4.5mph and electromagnetic braking, this means it doesn’t lose power up hills and breaks comfortably on inclines (up to a 12-degree gradient!).
  10. The chair comes with a 12-month warranty on the frame, motors, battery, control unit and joystick.


Joy Rider Folding Electric Wheelchair

The Joy Rider power chair can take a user up to a weight of 18 stone. It’s 25½” (645 mm) wide (think about the narrowest doorway in your home that you’d want it to go through). The seat is 19” (483 mm)

We asked some of our recent customers why they chose the Joyrider and we thought their stories might help you work out whether it’s right for you.

  • Tony bought the JoyRider so he and his wife could both enjoy going out together again. They currently have a mobility scooter but can only fit one in their adapted vehicle. The Joyrider folds flat enough that both can fit comfortably, meaning they can go out together without having to worry that one of them might struggle to walk back. Tony’s wife will also make use of the chair as she likes to visit her daughter on the bus in a neighbouring town, their scooter didn’t fit on the bus and the walking between the bus stops was often very exhausting, meaning her visits have been less frequent until now.
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