Can I fly with my powerchair/scooter?

Lightweight folding powerchairs and scooters are perfect for those who love to travel. They can be used indoors and out, they’re quick to fold and they can easily fit inside a car boot.

How can I bring it abroad with me?

  1. At the earliest possible stage, inform the airline that you are travelling with that you are planning on bringing a powerchair/scooter holiday. You can do this by sending an email or calling them directly.
  2. Ask your airline how best to travel with your batteries. Some may ask you to wrap your batteries individually, but others may have different guidelines.
  3. If you think you will be charging your batteries while you are away, remember to purchase the correct plug adapter for your destination. You can buy these from Argos, Amazon, and a range of different supermarkets.
  4. Check where your batteries should be kept when flying.
  5.  Relax and get ready to enjoy your holiday!


We have a whole range of airline friendly powerchairs and scooters.

Here are a few of our most popular products:


When folded, the Atto is the same size as a regular suitcase. Unfolded, it’s a sturdy mobility scooter to help you get around.

The Atto has a lithium-ion battery that’s suitable for travelling by plane.

Click here to view the Atto


Automatic Folding Scooters
At the touch of a button, these scooters fold into a compact form. The batteries for both the 3 Wheel Auto Folding Scooter and the 4 Wheel Auto Folding Scooter are suitable for air-travel.

Click here to view the Drive Automatic Folding Scooters


Joy Rider
The Joy Rider looks great, is really simple to fold and is comfortable to sit in. Its lithium-ion battery will take you around 8 miles and is suitable for airline travel.

Click here to view the Joy Rider


Foldalite range
All of the Foldalite chairs are great for travel, and the batteries are suitable for bringing on a plane. There is an optional hard ‘suitcase’ for both the Foldalite and Foldalite Pro to make travelling that little bit easier.

Click here to view the Foldalite range


Freedom range
Our Freedom chairs are popular because they’re comfortable, easy to fold and they come with a soft carry case for protection.

All Freedom batteries are the same – each will take you up to 9 miles. They’re suitable for air travel, and the CAA legislation indicates that you can take 2 with you.

The A06/L can hold 2 batteries, and the A08/L can hold 3. With the 3, you get the maximum range of 27 miles.

Click here to view the Freedom range



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