Financing An Electric Wheelchair

When you know that you need to get an electric wheelchair it’s important to know how you’re going to finance one. We understand that some wheelchairs can be quite expensive and not everyone has got the full amount available to make a one-off purchase.

Do you know how much you want to spend?

Firstly, before you start looking for electric wheelchairs have a rough amount in mind that you would be willing to spend. Although it seems like an obvious first step, different mobility solutions can really vary in price (£500 – £15,000), so having an idea of what you’d like to spend can immediately help to narrow down, and therefore quicken up the search process.

Are you VAT Exempt?

Another important thing to consider whilst thinking about pricing is whether the electric wheelchair user is VAT Exempt. Electric Wheelchairs are products that are designed or adapted for your own personal use, so if you are registered disabled or have a long-term illness you will not be charged VAT on these products. This is an important item to consider and make sure you’re getting right as not being charged VAT on wheelchairs can change the price by a few hundred pounds.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for VAT Exemption you can find out more here.

Do you need financial assistance?

If you are looking for Financial assistance there are plenty of charitable organisations and schemes that are available to provide you with financial support. Whilst some charities may be able to provide funding for the whole wheelchair, many just assist in paying a proportion of the whole fund.

 We understand that buying an electric wheelchair is very expensive and unfortunately Spring Chicken does not offer a finance option currently, however we are looking into that at this very moment!

For a discussion with one of our friendly wheelchair experts on how we can help you give us a ring on 01865 339 366!

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