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Sock Aids Reviewed

There are many considerations when deciding which Sock Aid is right for you, due to the vast array of possible options. We’re frequently receiving questions regarding what is the best Sock Aid we offer.

Here at Spring Chicken, we’ve chosen four of our best selling Sock Aids that offer usability and a high-quality build.

Best Seller

Sock-Aid Easy Sock On & Off

Sock Aid in action

“Excellent and very easy to use. It saves a great deal of time when dressing.”

The Sock-Aid is a clever invention that removes the hassle of putting on socks that is fast and easy to assemble.

Simply clip the base onto the cylindrical shaped section and you’re ready to go! A set of helpful instructions come supplied with clear precise diagrams that are very easy to follow.
Once assembled place the cuff of your sock over the Sock Aid and then place the mobility aid on the floor and slide in your foot. The Sock-Aid slides the sock smoothly and securely up the foot.

What’s really clever is that it comes supplied with a reach stick perfect for hooking onto the mobility aid.

Best Selling Sock-Aid   –   Easy to Use   –   Reach Stick can also Remove Socks

Best for

Users wanting an all round sturdy and easy to use Sock-Aid

Adjustable & Easy to use

Steve+ Compression Stocking Aid

The Steve+ Stocking Aid

The Steve+ Stocking Aid is specially designed to enable people who wear either open or closed toe compression stockings to apply and remove their stockings with little effort or support whilst sitting or lying down. The height adjustable handles counter overstretching and wheels on the base aid you in pulling your compression stockings up.

Once assembled the Steve+ Stocking Aid is very easy to use. A colour booklet is supplied which has easy to follow instructions with handy diagrams for reference.
Simply roll the compression stocking onto the cylindrically shaped section until the heel is visible, then ease your foot slowly into the stocking whilst holding the handles until the stocking is in place.

  Adjustable Handles   –   Can Be used on Open or Closed Compression Stockings   –   Sturdy

Best for

Users who wear compression stockings.

Portable & Compact

Ezy-on Sock Aid

Ezy-on Sock Aid

Good product and simple to use.

The Ezy-On Sock Aid is a ready to use solution for the often troublesome task of putting on socks, with a sturdy wipe-clean frame this device can be used daily. Full instructions are included with clear and easy to follow diagrams.

Simply place the cuff of the sock over the frame and ease your foot through the opening and the aid will slowly slide the sock onto your foot.
With the ability to use this device either sitting down or standing up it’s a great solution that can be easily stored away.

Ready to use   –   Compact   –   Discreet

Best for

Users wanting a compact & ready to use Sock Aid.

Sock & Stocking Aid

Soxon Sock and Stocking Aid


The Soxon is designed to make putting on your socks and stockings a breeze. Supporting the shape of your foot, the Soxon’s soft fabric design ensures comfort and simplicity.

The Soxon has 2 looped handles that can be held with either 1 or 2 hands, ideal for those with limited grip.
Simply roll the stocking or sock onto the device and then slide your foot in while pulling on both handles.

Built with high quality materials the Soxon is soft to touch, making it ideal for users with delicate skin.

  Soft High Quality Material   –   Can be used with 1 or 2 hands   –   Socks or Stockings     

Best for

Users who have delicate skin.


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