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Here at Spring Chicken we are passionate about finding solutions to make life a little bit easier for people who have a health condition or their carers.

Pill management is vital to keeping healthy and it also allows you to keep on top of things.

The laborious task of taking medication can be simplified with a range of solutions, Pill Boxes are perfect for storing pills & keeping on track of a schedule whereas pill reminders help with making sure medication is taken on time.

Monthly Pill Boxes Pill Cutters Pill Reminders

Pill boxes are vital to keeping good health so we have the perfect products to make sure you keep on top of your health management.

Seven-day pill boxes and medicine boxes store a week’s worth of tablets in seven clearly labelled compartments.

These tablet boxes or dosset boxes make it simple and easy to track whether medication has been taken.

The Liberty Quattro Pill Case is a smart wallet that contains seven pill modules each with four compartments.

The modules are clearly marked with the days of the week and each compartment is annotated with the time of day in bold in easy to read writing.

There are also raised dots on the underside of the compartments so you can tell, by feel alone, from which compartment you are taking medication.

This pill wallet can take up to six pills per compartment, so it really helps you keep on top of all your medication.

“Looks good and will do the job well. Nothing like it on the high street.”

Pill Box
There is a medical chart included so you can write down all your important health information and emergency contact details.

Soft touch sliding mechanism| Space to store your prescription | Daytime & night time slots

Another option is the Pillbox 7, one of our current top sellers.

Monthly Pill boxes are ideal for sorting and storing tablets up to one month in advance.

This also gives carers the reassurance that medication is clearly labelled with an easy to follow system.

Automatic pill dispensers are great for ensuring that medication is stored safely with a clear digital display.

The Pivotell Mk 3 Automatic Pill Dispenser is innovative in medicine management.

Four options of alarm sounds and a flashing light will be your reminder to take your dose with the ability to set 1-28 daily alarms.

The dispenser will keep your pills safe whilst making sure the correct dose available. To remove the pills, simply tilt the dispenser and pour them into your hand.

Features 29 compartments and a secure lockable system.
PivoTell Medicine Management
Set monthly schedules with the PivoTell Automatic Pill Dispenser.

Battery life of 12 months| 1-28 alarms | 29 compartments that securely lock

Pill Cutters are a great aid for helping with the preparation and swallowing of certain tablets.

A Pill cutter splits the tablet into a more manageable size.

Please ask your pharmacist before cutting or crushing any medication.

The Sabi Pill Cutter splits even the toughest of pills.

Simply place the pill inside the splitter and press down lightly to cut pills into halves or quarters.

Safe, effective and durable plastic blade. Inset rubber impressions hold pills in place. Suitable for any pill size.

A slip-free rubber base gives added safety.

“Wonderful so easy to use and makes a clean cut of your pill that you need to halve.”

Pill Cutter
Cut pills with ease with the Sabi Pill Cutter

Safe, effective & durable| Suitable for any size | Slip-free rubber base

Pill reminders allow a user or carer to set audible alerts for specific times at which medication must be taken.

A Pill Reminder is ideal for conditions such as Parkinson’s or users needing to take medication and have a busy lifestyle and need reminding.

More advanced medication reminders can also dispense medication on time and communicate to a carer that it has been taken.

The Tab Timer Pill Reminder is an easy-to-use medication reminder with the option to set up to eight alarms per day.

There are three large buttons and a clear digital display making it easy to operate for users who suffer from Arthritis.

The Pill Reminder is compact which makes it ideal to keep in your handbag or attach to the fridge with the magnetic strip.

The red LED light flashes and the alarm sounds loud and clear for 1 minute.

“Does the job that we required”

Pill management reminder solution
The portable reminder with an easy to read display.

Set up to eight audible alarms| three large buttons | Compact and practical

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