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Interesting research about Parkinson’s

The organization Parkinson’s UK has invested more than £65 million in research to both find a cure for the condition but also into improving the lives of anyone affected.

You can read more here about their current research, results and opportunities to take part in a study, click here.

We like the TED video below where Andres Lozano talks about emerging techniques in deep brain stimulation in which a woman with Parkinson’s instantly stops shaking and brain areas eroded by Alzheimer’s are brought back to life.

His technique allows surgeons to place electrodes in almost any area of the brain, and turn them up or down — like a radio dial or thermostat — to correct dysfunction. Click here for TED talk.

 Andres Lozano is chair of neurosurgery at the University of Toronto and has pioneered the use of deep brain stimulation for treating Parkinson’s, depression, anorexia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Here is another video from TED were applied mathematician Max Little is testing a simple tool that in trials is able to detect Parkinson’s with 99 percent accuracy – in a 30-second phone call.

Click here for TED talk

We also have his more recent work launched at the British Science Festival showing Smart phone apps that spot the early signs of Parkinson’s- click here.

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