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Top 5 Hearing Loss Helpers

Hearing loss and deafness is a common side effect of ageing and can be a struggle to cope with.

Here, you will find our top ten products that can help with hearing loss, from an extra loud phone to a handy vibrating alarm clock. Here you will find some great solutions.

Extra Loud Doro Magna

The Doro Magna 4000 is the loudest phone you can buy, with the ability to be boosted to a whopping 60db so that calls can be heard clearly.

Vibrating Alarm Clock

Place the vibration pad under your pillow, when the alarm time is reached the alarm clock sounds and at the same time the pad vibrates.

TV Listening System

This allows you to adjust the volume and tone to get the volume just right for you without disturbing anyone else.

Flashing Doorbell

Coloured flashing lights and loud sounds makes this wireless doorbell system difficult to ignore.

Telephone Amplifier

Attach to your phone and boost calls by up to 40db.

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