Top 10 Eyes and Vision Helpers

Eyes and vision can deteriorate as you get older. Glaucoma and cataracts are common eye conditions affecting sight.

Here, you will find our top ten products to help with vision. From our Easy to See Wall Clocks and Innovative talking products.

Easy to See Wall Clock

The numbers are large and easy to read from a distance. It is radio controlled and it automatically changes the time when the clocks go forward or backwards.

Make-up Glasses

One 3+ magnification lens is moved from left to right of the frame allowing you to look clearly at the eye you are applying make up to.


The new and improved board has larger squares and enhanced colours to make it easier to read.

Needle Threader

Thread needles one handed without glasses!

Large Letter Keyboard

Same size keys but with larger letters and numbers printed on making it easier to see.

Talking Watch

Available in 2 sizes these talking watches are radio controlled meaning they are always accurate.

Talking Thermometer

No need to read the results of this forehead thermometer as it tells you the temperature loud and clear.

Talking Blood Pressure Monitor

Upper arm monitors are the most accurate and this one speaks the results as well as recording them.

LED Light for Walking Stick

Ideal for dark nights out or simply getting to the loo safely at night without waking others.

Large Number Cards

These playing cards are standard sized but with extra-large numbers, letters and suit characters so they’re quick to identify. Red or Blue backed.

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