Top 10 Diabetes Helpers

Diabetes affects the levels of insulin the body produces and has two common types.

Here, you will find our top ten products that can help try and make it easier to live with diabetes. From our Carbs and Cals book which explains the foods to avoid and foot care solutions to help with the symptoms of diabetic nerve pain in feet.

Carbs and Cals Book

This is the bible for anyone who is counting carbs to manage their diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes Book

This practical guide contains comprehensive answers to more than 400 questions asked by people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Foot Inspection Mirror

Diabetes can cause nerve damage that sometimes means you may not feel pain, inspecting feet is a must with Diabetes.

Diabetic Socks

Super soft stretchy socks with no toe seam to ensure no rubbing or irritation.

Exercise Pack

Resistance band kit with instructions to give a safe gentle workout.

Mini Exercise Bike

Strengthen arm and leg muscles and improve circulation from the comfort of your chair or from a laying down position.

Vibrating Watch Reminder

Remembering to take your blood or take background insulin is vital. This handy vibrating watch does that discreetly.

Pill Reminder Alarm

An easy-to-use medication reminder with the option to set up to 8 alarms per day.

Talking Pedometer

It tells you, in a clear voice how far you’ve walked and what the time is. A great way to kick start getting more exercise.

Seated Walking Machine

If your mobility is low this is a great way of doing some exercise when in your chair.

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