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How to tackle the everyday after a hip replacement

Worried about how you’re going to tackle everyday life after your hip replacement operation? Not sure how you’re going to get to sleep or complete everyday tasks? With an average full recovery time of 3-6 months, you will be restricted with certain activities at first but you shouldn’t let it stop you from doing the things that you can do. Moving around and getting used to your new hip will be challenging to start with, but the more practice you get, the more your confidence will grow and you’ll be walking around as normal in no time.

Here at Spring Chicken, we have provided you with a short, simple guide which will give you advice and tips on how to tackle everyday life after having a hip operation. It consists of the following topics: sleeping, sitting, clotting and everyday tasks as well as the products we recommend you use to help with each.

Read along now to discover the perfect products you need for a smooth recovery.

Sleeping at home

Sleep on your back, with pillows or a wedge between your legs to prevent your legs from crossing. Pillows either side of you can also stop you from rolling over in your sleep.


Sit with your hips higher than your knees! It’s important to sit with a less than 90° angle in your hip, so don’t bend forward over your hips either, or cross your legs or ankles. You might also need to raise your toilet seat, so that you can sit comfortably and stably in a similar position.

Reduce the chance of clotting

Wearing TED stockings, which your hospital should provide for you, and avoiding long haul flights are important in reducing the chance of blood clots. If you do travel, try to find extra legroom; it could be worth contacting your travel company in advance to enquire about booking seats with additional space. Pushing your car seat backwards and raising the seat with cushions improves your position, reducing the chance of clotting and dislocation.

Everyday tasks

You can’t bend over when recovering from an operation, so getting dressed and undressed can be a hassle. You may need some help from a relative or friend although products do exist which can help you to pull socks on, for example. Washing, reaching things on the floor or on the top shelves can be an issue, so a reacher, a long-handled shower-brush and a long-handled shoe horn can all help you going about your daily tasks.

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  • I had both my hips replaced last year. within 3 months of each other. I am so grateful to my surgeon who has given me my life back. I can do everything I want now. It’s the best thing I have done.

  • I am having a total hip replacement in November 2017. I am feeling rather worried about it. It’s great to hear positive comments from people who have already had the procedure.

    • Good Afternoon Sarah,

      Thank you for your feedback, We hope the replacements goes well! We wish you the best of luck.

      Spring Chicken

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