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How a ‘touch of a button’ bidet can provide relief from discomfort

Water cleansing has long been embraced as a much healthier and more comfortable option than toilet paper. A bidet goes far beyond what toilet paper can achieve.

With its gentle, cleansing stream of water, a bidet provides relief for people with haemorrhoids, who experience difficult bowel movements, or who are recovering from colorectal or general surgery. It can also provide comfort and independence for people with disabilities or who have arthritis, muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis.

Headshot-AscotAscot Hygiene, a distributor and retailer of innovative hygiene appliances, provides toilet seats that are “even better than a conventional bidet”, says its founder, and managing director, Colin Davies. A conventional bidet requires the user to adjust the hot and cold taps to get the right temperature. Ascot Hygiene’s toilet seats deliver instant warm water for a bidet wash, and a warm air dry – all at the touch of a button.

Colin was inspired to provide this product to UK customers after a visit to Japan.  “While I was in Japan I was watching TV and there was a piece about a particular bidet toilet seat.  I thought: ‘What a great idea – why aren’t they sold in the UK?’,” he says.

With a background in sales, Colin was intrigued by this product and thought it had potential.

Four years later he became self-employed, set up Ascot Hygiene, and found a European distributor so that he could supply this special bidet to UK customers.

Usually installing a bidet requires space. The advantage of the bidet that Ascot Hygiene offers is that it is readily and easily installed onto a toilet.

BidetA visit from an electrician and plumber to install the bidet is all that is needed, and there are also many health benefits for customers. “My typical customer is aged 55 and over, and they are concerned about their personal hygiene. For example, if they have mobility issues, taking a shower can be an issue,” Colin says.

Having installed this easy to use bidet, Colin says customers have told him they only need to take a shower half as many times as they normally would, which for people with difficulties with their mobility has made life that much easier.

People who may need assistance going to the toilet may find they experience related difficulties. Ascot Hygiene can help. “If people are unable to clean themselves properly they may resist going to the toilet, and this can cause constipation or anxiety.

The product we offer allows them to press a button to restore dignity, maintain their independence, and their piece of mind,” says Colin.

Feedback about the benefits of this product has been not only positive but life-changing. “I’ve had heart-warming phone calls from husbands and wives saying they’ve installed this toilet seat, and now their husband or wife is able to stay at home and maintain their independence, rather than requiring special care. So the cost of the product is priceless,” says Colin.

One customer with a stoma had been going to the toilet up to 10 times a day and was experiencing sores.  The bidet offered by Ascot Hygiene “transformed his life,” Colin says. “His life changed from one of dreading going to the toilet to feeling normal again. It’s these kinds of stories that show the powerful effect these products can have,” he says.

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