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YouSafe CallerAlert – Never Miss a Delivery Again

Here’s some information about YouSafe – a product that can help to make life easier when you are rushing to answer the door when the doorbell rings, and to reduce the risk of falls.

For people with mobility issues, having to rush to answer the door when the doorbell rings can increase their risk of falls.

As gas engineers, Ross Blunden and Jonathan Gray were often faced with situations when doing home visits that an older person with mobility difficulties was not able to get to the door in time.

“This meant a recall or having to leave a job, and it caused a lot of problems for everyone,” recalls Ross. “We also noticed that people with mobility issues were constantly looking at their windows, and if they were expecting someone they wouldn’t be able to get on with their chores because they felt they were going to miss that call,” explains Ross.

To help address these difficulties, Ross and Jonathan were inspired to come up with a product that would give users extra time to get to their door when their doorbell rang, to give peace of mind, and to help reduce the risk of falling. They developed the YouSafe CallerAlert doorbell, a product which allows people to communicate with their caller, even before they reach the door.

Doorbell Messenger

“We approached our family and friends who loved the idea of the product and invested in it, which then allowed us to go to a design company to develop a prototype for manufacture,” recalls Ross.

YouSafe CallerAlert launched in April this year at The Ideal Home Show and was met with “a very good response”, says Ross, sales and marketing director of YouSafe.

The product continues to sell well, thanks to its unique features and the benefits it can bring to people with mobility difficulties.

The CallerAlert doorbell allows people to communicate with their caller even before they reach the door. When a visitor presses the bell a bright LED sign immediately lights up saying, “Please Wait”. At the same time, the user remote flashes and vibrates to tell people that someone’s at the door. Then they simply need to press the button on the remote and the doorbell displays a new sign: “I’m on my way”.

It uses radio frequency and works up to 420 feet away so people can be at the bottom of the garden or even having coffee at a neighbour’s and they won’t miss the door.

It means no more waiting another day for a delivery or having to rearrange visits from tradespeople.

The CallerAlert Door Bell features a chrome Chime Unit, and to install is simply plugged anywhere in the house. It has a choice of different melodies, volumes and settings. Its lighting options are particularly useful for people with a hearing impairment who may not hear the Chime Unit. The remote is lightweight and comfortable to use and can be carried in a pocket or worn on a wristband around the neck or on a belt clip. The battery lasts for four days and can be recharged using the lead supplied.

The CallerAlert Door Bell has received a great response from customers. Helen Watson says: “It’s fantastic, I couldn’t hear my previous doorbell but the vibration always alerts me.” And Carole James says: “I have a bad knee and it takes me a long time to get down the stairs.

CallerAlert allows me that extra time to answer the door, I really couldn’t be without it.”

What makes YouSafe so in tune with people’s needs is the time its inventors took to get feedback from potential customers during the design process. And one customer has been Ross’s Nan, “who loves it”, he says. “YouSafe makes her life easier. She has a hearing aid so uses the light setting and vibration options. It gives her more time to answer the door. And it takes away the stress of waiting for deliveries.”

The YouSafe CallerAlert doorbell is available at Spring Chicken

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