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How do I find out what my blood pressure should be?

Here Spring Chicken’s GP Dr Rob Hicks explains

How do I find out what my blood pressure should be?

A healthy blood pressure is considered to be less than 120/80, where the upper (systolic) figure is the pressure in the arteries as the heart pumps blood around the body, and the lower (diastolic) figure is the pressure in between heart beats as the heart is preparing to pump again.

No longer is the top number plus a person’s age considered normal as it was many years ago.

Your GP, practice nurse, or pharmacist can measure your blood pressure and let you know whether it’s what it should be. You can also use a home blood pressure monitor.

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  • I am supposed to have my blood pressure checked regularly as I had a brain aneurysm 15 years ago, I cannot even see a doctor in my practice, haven’t seen a doctor since august 2016.

    • Hi Annette

      You should definitely go back to your GP and explain the situation as blood pressure readings can also be taken by the practice nurse. Good luck!

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