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A Virtual Quest to Help Scientists Fight Dementia

Be a hero

It is estimated that 850,000 people are living with dementia in the UK, a worrying statistic that is on the rise.

Studies have also shown that 24.6 million people In the UK know of a family member or close friend living with the condition.

The number of people with dementia is expected to grow rapidly over the next several decades.

Age is the biggest risk factor, as life expectancy is increasing so is the possibility of more people suffering from dementia.

It is estimated that in 2035 over 1.5 million people will develop a form of dementia.

The quest for research

Deutsche Telekom have worked with scientists to create a game to help counter dementia in association with Alzheimer’s Research.

Sea Hero Quest is an interactive game free to play on iPhone & Android that will help to improve early diagnosis of dementia.

By playing Sea Hero Quest for just two minutes it will gather vital research that would have taken over 5 hours to collect in similar lab based research. This research has already helped prove that spatial navigation begins to decline from 19 years old and that there are fundamental differences in spatial navigation between men and women.

Almost 3 million people have already played Sea Hero Quest making it the largest dementia study in history.

The journey has now gone virtual

It has been discovered that one of the first symptoms of dementia is loss of navigational skills, Sea Hero Quest provided enough data to help create the world’s first benchmark for human spatial navigation.

And now the intuitive nature of Sea Hero Quest VR tracks even more subtle and detailed reactions such as eye movements.

As players move around the game, their position is relayed securely and anonymously back to scientists. This is analysed using a heat map, which shows navigational decision-making.

This gives scientists the data needed to see how everyone navigates through the various levels providing them with invaluable insights into a normal, healthy population.

Why not give it a go, we’ve had great fun exploring the map and navigating through obstacles.

Download Sea Hero Quest

Sea Hero Quest Homepage

For more help on living with dementia click here for a range of articles from early to late stages.

We want to help people suffering from dementia with a range of products to provide support from early through to the late stages. Our innovative products include a range of activities for people with dementia to keep the mind active through each of the dementia stages.

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