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Google Local Guides – Improving the Lives of Wheelchair Users

Did you know you can now do more for wheelchair users?

The Local Guides program was recently launched by Google, a clever application that allows users to capture photos and review recently visited locations through Google Maps.

A new feature has been launched for the application that allows users to also submit videos up to 30 seconds in length. With this added feature, you will be able to share glimpses into your favourite restaurants, places of interests and hotels at the press of a button.

The Local Guides program is also trying to improve the lives of wheelchair users and people living with mobility issues.

Did you know over 65 million people need wheelchairs to get around whilst many others struggle due to health implications.

Accessibility questions are being added to the Local Guides Program for recently visited locations.

Users enrolled into the Local Guides program can simply go to their contributions page and answer three wheelchair-related questions about a place they visited.

If users answered 3 accessibility questions a day for two weeks there would be nearly 2 billion answers to help guide all on Google Maps. It doesn’t take long and the questions are generally simplified to a yes or no answer.

Almost everyone has a friend or relative who uses a walking aid for mobility or a pushchair for those days out with the family.

So why not take the lead and start by helping create a better world to help guide all.

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