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Assistive robots in the home

You may have fond memories of tuning into television programmes such as Star Trek where the crew would speak to an intelligent system that would respond to commands and duties. What was once just a vision is starting to become reality.

The progress of computer intelligence has surged in the past 5 years and we are now being introduced to systems that seemed far beyond any previous expectations.

In 2014 Amazon launched Alexa, an intelligent personal assistant that was warmly received. It allowed users to interact via voice, make to-do lists, provide weather information and even control devices in the home! With over 7,000 five star reviews on Amazon it appears we have fallen in love with this assistive technology.

Since its launch the intelligent personal assistant is offering some truly next generation functions. Takeaway food can now be ordered supported by outlets like Just Eat.

Text Messages and Emails can also be delivered and read via Alexa which currently understands both English and German (researchers estimate many more languages incoming).

So, what could tomorrows world look like in regards to assistive robots in the home?

In May 2017 “Lynx” a small white humanoid was unveiled that has a personal intelligent assistant built in. A truly incredible presentation had Lynx give a yoga lesson to an awe-inspired audience,

“Inhale. Now stretch right leg back as far as possible”

exclaimed Lynx as a bright blue light flashed across the side of its head indicating the activity.

In addition to being able to dance, talk about the weather and have simple conversations, it can also recognise faces. A built in facial recognition system is built in that allows the robot to have different faces programmed into its memory, this then allows Lynx to remember preferences of individuals whether that’s greeting with a name or playing a favourite song.

Click to see Lynx in action

The built-in camera can also serve as a surveillance tool, owners can access the camera to check on their homes or a loved relative.

Lynx is just one of the current assistive robots on the market as the technology has grown from strength to strength, some scientists believe that robots will be the care of our future completing tasks such as changing nappies to spending time with us as we grow old.

In tomorrow’s world, we may all be spending time with a polished acquaintance.

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