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Who stood in the way of The Beatles having the top 5 best selling singles of the ’60s?

During the ’60s the Beatles reigned supreme in the album charts as well as the singles charts. The Liverpool sound ruled the world and it could be heard from shore to shore.

The top 10 selling albums of the ’60s were made up of 7 Beatles’ albums with ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band’ at number 1, the other 3 albums were soundtracks to ‘Westside Story’, ‘Sound of Music’ and ‘South Pacific’.

In the singles charts they had similar success. They had 4 out of the top 5 selling singles of the ’60s, with ‘She Loves you’ at number 1.

However the 5th spot was taken by another Liverpudlian who you might not immediately guess. It was Ken Dodd.

Ken Dodd, primarily a funny man and an all round entertainer, produced several singles throughout the period that appealed to the masses. These were not novelty songs or gimmicky renditions but true heartbreakers.

Here he is with his song that takes the title of biggest ‘non-Beatles’ selling single of the ’60s and not a tickling stick in sight!

Ken Dodd - Tears


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