The People’s Beatles – Did You Ever Meet The Fab Four or Get Close?

Never before had the world seen anything like The Beatles. The Fab Four changed the face of music forever and along with that changed the face of music marketing.

They were the first band to give the teenagers what they wanted, even before they knew they wanted it! Who knew your average ’60s teenager would have sleepless nights and save every penny to get that plastic gold ring with a picture of Ringo glued to the front? (Let us know what you had or have in the comments section below)

However, it was to change the world forever, there was nothing that couldn’t double or treble in price if you had a picture of John, Paul, George or Ringo on the front of it.

Did you ever own a compact with The Beatles on it or perhaps one of the hugely popular white clutch bags? This phenomenon was above and beyond the average T-shirt or signed photo, this was the dawning of a multimillion-dollar industry that is still rife today.

How much of it is still around and how much is it worth today?

Whilst it may not be in the astronomical numbers that John Lennon’s Phantom V Rolls Royce staggered the collecting world with $2.2million, for the right collector, the complete set of bright plastic combs might be just what they need.

A full set of Beatles autographs could command around £2000-£100,000 and a single John Lennon autograph depending on when and what it is written on could command anywhere between £500-£75,000. Ringo Starr’s autograph has rocketed up in recent years due to his decision to stop signing autographs a few years back. Currently commanding circa £1,000 – £1,500!

So what have you got? What do you remember owning back in the day? Let us know in the comments section below.

Top 5 Strange Beatles Collectibles 

  1. Canadian dentist Michael Zuk paid £19,500 back in 2011 for the first Beatle tooth to be sold at auction. Mr Zuk currently has John Lennon’s rotten molar in a glass case at his surgery!
  2. A lock of John Lennon’s hair was sold by his former hairdresser – together with a note reading, “To Betty, lots of love and hair from John Lennon xx” – for a staggering £24,000 in 2007.
  3. In 2008 a pair of Lennon’s trademark tinted, wire-rimmed, prescription sunglasses were auctioned by Christie’s and fetched $78,467.
  4. Original bricks from the Cavern demolished back in the ’70s still sell on auction sites for £100+
  5. John Lennon’s porcelain toilet sold from his Berkshire home dated 1969-1972 sold for £9,500 back in 2010

Top 5 Beatles Collector’s Songs


Can’t Buy Me Love

Don’t Let Me Down

Penny Lane

I Need You

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  • I have got the autographs of Paul, George and Ringo (John Lennon, unfortunately, had an appointment and didn’t stay to sign autographs 😪). I know they are genuine as I got them as a 15 year old waiting outside the ITV studios that were in Wembley after Tuesday Rendezvous in the 60s!

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