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Chemo over

Here’s short poem about the joys and feeling once chemo is over –

Chemo over, Yippy-do

Now I can come spend time with you

Telling stories, having laughs

Drinking wine from big carafes.

Seeing Grandkids growing up

Taking water from a cup

Swimming, tennis not for me

But Poo Sticks fine and games by sea.

Jumping planes and seeing friends

I hope this journey never ends

Of course it will, but ’til it does

I’m going to make the loudest buzz …

The joy and elation on finishing chemo is so stratospheric that only poetry or art can typify the real sense of achievement – through all the ups and downs, through all the not knowing and the not wanting to know. Life is good and we should remember that on a daily basis and make the most of it when we can.

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