Train Carriages

Did your family used to take the train to the coast? Do you remember the old carriages? Were you ever lucky enough to find one empty?

Until the 80’s, it was common to hop on a train carriage and be stuck with a few others: a smoker, a man reading a Telegraph newspaper, and someone who was desperately holding in their bladder.

However, the lack of toilets and itchy seats do provide a nostalgic kind of comfort. The compartments had window blinds for extra privacy and were a great place for peace and quiet (if you managed to find an empty one, that is).


Members of the Spring Chicken community have been reminiscing on their travels:

‘I remember my first time ever on a train. We were so excited – every time my dad moved we all followed, jumping over every carriage because you could see the track separating each carriage. My mum had a cuppa that she didn’t like, so she opened the window to throw it out and it went all over her lovely outfit. We were in stiches!’

‘I used to go down to London from Stoke when I was 8. You had to make sure you went to the toilet beforehand, as once you got on you had to wait until the train stopped!’

‘I loved them, they were just brilliant. Especially if I got one to myself, I could read in peace (or do my makeup, hair and change my clothes for going out).’


Do you miss old train carriages? Or do you prefer the modern design of trains?

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  • There were some carriages that had compartments but no corridor, so no one could get in once the train had left the station, those were the ones to get into with your girlfriend!

  • One of my fondest memories of traveling by train to Blackpool with my family and our friends from across the street, my best friend and his parents.
    The train went through Blackburn Tunnel and against our dads orders, we stuck ou heads out of the windows in the darkness and came back in with black faces and cinders setting our hair on fire! It was brilliant, not like the softies today, they’d be suing somebody!

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