Toilet Paper – Ingrained on the memory

It’s a memory that most of us would prefer to forget – the old fashioned shiny toilet paper that was everywhere before the arrival of the soft variety like Andrex.

Even though there was toilet paper available in Victorian times, it was comparatively expensive and most people would use newspaper or a paper that served no other purpose.

By the 1950s, there was a wide variety of brands available, usually claiming to be pure, medicated and/or hygienic. Some rolls were produced by names already associated with disinfectants such as Brobat, Lifeguard and Harpic.

The two most prominent names were those of Bronco and Izal, and they were still being produced in the 1990s, but in the past ten years supplies have disappeared …….. unless you know different.

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  • why on Earth did you Brits have that shiny toilet paper? Why? And why were your armed forces supplied with toilet paper that had the Royal Cypher printed upon each sheet. I mean surely it’s a treasonous act to wipe one’s bum with the Royal Coat of Arms…

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