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The spirit of a 1950s Christmas

Before Morecambe and Wise took over the TV Christmas schedule, the 1950s festive season for children was all about decorations, eating and the anticipation of presents from Santa Claus – how many can you find in this picture?

My wonderful childhood memories of Xmas revolved around the build up to the big day – making paper chain decorations by licking the glued ends, and cutting the crepe paper until one’s fingers hurt (but the result was spectacular when twirled).

Decorating the Christmas tree was another of those defining moments, colourful baubles, painted fir cones (still in service from austerity times), some more recent plastic novelties, the candles and the fairy doll as the crowning glory at the top. Then there was buying the presents for everyone and wrapping them up, and hoping that Father Christmas was not going to forget to fill your stocking.

Xmas day was the magic moment. Waking up to see a full stocking with a cracker peeping out of the top and an apple or tangerine at the toe end. The excitement of opening lots of little gifts, and coming downstairs to see more presents set underneath the decorative tree.

Opening time had to wait till after the Queen’s broadcast.

Lunchtime – turkey, bread sauce and Brussels sprouts, a flaming Christmas pudding and the hope you get the slice with a sixpenny piece. Now it’s time to pull the crackers. Stuffed! 

And we are all stuffed full of memories. Let’s remember and share them.

Have a happy Christmas.      

Robert Opie

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  • My memories are of the 1930s . Christmas presents , a pair of socks knitted by mum , wrapped in brown paper . One occasion when a fire was lit in the front room and while older sister Molly , played the piano and we all sang carols . Now almost ninety years later I’ve been singing with a choir , two smaller singing groups , playing carols with an orchestra , a ukelele band and a recorder ensemble . Born in 1925 , I don’t have clear memories of the 1920s ..

  • I was born 1951 and remember making tree decorations from penguin biscuit wrappers and twisting crepe paper for the ceiling. fantastic times bit hard but always got lovely gifts from mum and dad. Some hand made too

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