Checking the Pools

‘When we win the pools…’

Do you remember having to be quiet while your dad checked the pools? Can you still recall the numbers he chose? Was it old house numbers or family birthdays?

Every Saturday at 5pm (when the football scores were on), the world would descend into absolute silence. Some argued that the pools were a ‘sophisticated test of football knowledge’, yet everyone would mark the same boxes over and over in the years preceding the 80’s.

Was your family ever lucky enough to win?

Spring Chicken Facebook Followers have been sharing their memories of the pools:

‘Every Saturday afternoon when my Dad was listening to the football results, we weren’t allowed to cough or sneeze, and we certainly couldn’t speak until after it was finished!’

‘I actually thought it was against the law to talk when the results were on… I went to a friend’s house and everyone was talking… I was very confused!’

‘My dad would have won big money, but my mum forgot to post it off. Even after 64 years of marriage, he will never forget it.’

Do the words ‘hush!’ and ‘go to the kitchen QUIETLY, your dad is checking his coupon!’ sound familiar? One Spring Chicken member used to be given a pint of shrimps to peel to ensure that they were kept quiet.

‘I always did the pools, I never had any luck, now I have no lucky with the lottery either!’

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