The Future of Board Games from Yesterday

One of the most popular family games during the 1950s was Magic Robot. At a time when television did not yet dominate home life (even by the end of the decade, only 60 percent of homes had a TV set), this quiz proved fun.

The magic came from magnets that turned the robot to ensured that the pointer ‘always gives the right answer’.

The Amazing Magic Robot

This success led to an imitator presented by Eamonn Andrews, called The Great Marvello, which claimed ‘knows all, tells all, answers all questions’, which included who was the first American president, and which president abolished slavery?

Eamonn Andrews Presents The Great Marvello

This was not the first time this magnetic concept had been used. Surprisingly back in the 1870s, there was something similar.

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  • I had a Magic Robot game in mint condition last summer I visited a cousins grand daughters with the game they aged 6 and 8 yrs loved it occupied them for hours even dad joined in they now possess it .

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