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The 1960s Gear Guide

Fab Gear from the 1960s

If you were living in London during the mid 1960s, or just visiting, the focal point of hip fashion was at Carnaby Street or on the Kings Road, Chelsea.

Published in 1967, Gear Guide was the essential hip-pocket companion to Britain’s swinging fashion scene.

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Amongst the shops selling these revolutionary fashions worn by the younger set were:

Lady Jane, Vince, Lord John, Tom Cat, Hat Gear, Mates, I Was Lord Kitchener’s Valet, Mary Quant’s Bazaar, Simon Shop, John Michael, John Stephen and Granny Takes A Trip.

This was the era of boutiques, mini skirts and hip-hugging trousers, Twiggy and Mary Quant, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and a geometric hairstyle cut by Vidal Sassoon.

The cool words that were ‘with-it’ included comments like ‘the most’ and ‘a gas’.

In this cluttered room with the latest colour television set and eight-track cassette player, Robert wears a suit from Carnaby Street’s ‘Take Six’ and shoes made from pig skin, while Laura reads about the trendy hairstyles and wears a black and white PVC mini dress that has matching shoes.

Discover the fascinating history of consumer culture from Victorian times to the present day at the Museum of Brands.

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