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Turn your life story into a book with Story Terrace.

With Story Terrace, your experiences can be captured and turned into the story of what makes you, you. This talented team are able to craft all of your dear memories into a beautiful hardcover book – perfect for a gift or a legacy of your own.

How does it work? Three Simple Steps

1. Finding your perfect writer

What are your goals? Who is your ideal biographer? Tell Story Terrace a little bit about yourself and they will recommend a writer who suits your project perfectly.
Once matched, you will receive a welcome letter and a questionnaire. It’s easy, fun, and brings back memories you haven’t thought about in years!

Story Terrace - Writer
Recommend a writer who suits your project perfectly

2. In-depth interviews with your writer
These face-to-face sessions form the backbone of your story, and they can occur in the comfort of your own home. An interview with your writer will typically last 2-3 hours, however if you choose a package that includes more interview time, they can be spread out across multiple sessions.

Story Terrace - Writer assigned
In-depth interviews with your writer

3. Your book is delivered
After making final edits and ensuring each detail is correct, the designers will lay out the book’s cover and interior. Your book will then be printed and delivered straight to your home. From beginning to end, this process normally takes eight weeks.

Story Terrace - book is delivered
Your book is delivered

Packages and pricing

Compact option

With the Compact package, the memories that are most significant to you are captured. This hardcover book is 55-60 pages and involves 3-4 interview hours. You can include up to 20 photos, as well as receiving 4 print copies, and one digital copy, of your book. This package starts at £1,350.


Novella Package

The Complete package allows you to write your life story in an 80-90-page hardcover book, involving 5-6 interview hours. You can include up to 30 photos and receive 4 print copies, and one digital copy, of your book. The price of this package starts at £2,100.


Complete Package
If you would like to add in-depth detail to your life story, this 115-125-page hardcover book is an excellent package for you. This involves 8-10 interview hours and includes up to 40 photos. You will receive 4 print copies and one digital copy of your book. The price of this package starts at £3,800.

For more information, visit Story Terrace’s website.
Have your book published with Story Terrace

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