Rotary Phone Memories

Do you remember the telephone money box? Did you ever raid it? More importantly, were you ever caught?

Rotary phones were invariably shiny black or industrial dark green, and everyone carried a tiny personal phone book with all their contacts in. Did you get your hair tangled in a phone cord while holding the receiver with your shoulder? How many times did you dial 411 for directory assistance?


Members of the Spring Chicken Facebook group have been sharing their memories:

‘The telephone money box was more like an ornament… There was never any money in it.’

‘We had a small padlock in the phone and my dad kept the key.’

‘When I first got my own home, I had to share a line with my neighbour. If you wanted to make a call, you needed to get in first, or you could be waiting all evening!’



Or did you spend a lot of time in the telephone box, speaking to your partner so your family couldn’t hear? Do you remember pressing A to get through and B to get your money back?

‘The last time I used a rotary phone was 1969. I upgraded to a push button then!’

When was the last time you used a rotary phone?


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