Roller Skating

When was the last time you pulled a pair of roller skates on?

According to Spring Chicken community, memories of whizzing around on pavements or the local rink was a regular occurrence filled with joy and maybe a few scrapes and bruises.

One Spring Chicken remembers….

I was rubbish, I could only manage one at a time. And I still remember how much it hurt when you accidentally kicked yourself in the ankle.

“Loved my metal skates the screw in the middle meant they grew with my shoe sizes too. We used to tie a rope to a bike saddle and then get towed around the country roads, not much traffic about in the fifties.”

“Absolutely loved mine. Always in use and when I think of what I did with them – down such steep hills and still managed to stop at the bottom!! Also went to Alexandra Palace on a Saturday morning.”

Rubber wheels and wooden flooring

The topic of roller skating proved to remind many of entertaining stories experienced in rinks for our Facebook followers. Visiting the local roller rink was a weekly event that allowed for the conversation to flow whilst taking a break from speeding around the wooden floor.

One Spring Chicken remembers….

“OMG the good old days at the Alexandra Palace roller rink in North London used to go once a week. All decked out with my white leather boot skates and a short white satin skirt, this most probably would have been at least 65 years ago.”

I used to love skating Friday night at Rye House and Saturday at the Alexander Palace Skating Club.

That’s not to say that the local streets and pavements were not used, an abundance of Roller skating was done downhill with not a care in the world.

“I had a pair and insisted my parents took the car out of the garage as that was the only place I could roller skate.”

“Skating around the local roads and pavements plus going to Forest Gate. Loved my rollers but then found Ice Skating and found a new love…happy days at Streatham.”

Roller skating is still popular and has a large following, the skates may have changed offering a single line of wheels in blade form but roller skating lives on. I’ll leave the last word on roller skating with this comment:

“Loved my skates first pair five shillings from Woolworths not much good my brother bought me a pair from Germany when he was in the army they were awesome then I had boot skates went to the corn exchange Cambridge at least three times a week in my teens loved skating last time I put on skates were inline skates at the age of 62 my grandsons had to hold me not to good on them lol happy days”

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